Drop-In Spaces

What is a drop-in space?

A drop-in space is a casual, no-commitment-required way to engage in a variety of experiences that allow you to find connection and support. Drop-in spaces are offered jointly by Prevention Services and the Counseling Center as well as additional campus partners.

What do you mean by drop-in?

This means that the content from one week does not necessarily build on another. This allows you to try out different spaces and not worry about missing something if you have a conflict. Most drop-in spaces do not require registration but will note if they do.

For virtual drop-in spaces, cameras are not required but encouraged for creating community!

Spring 2022 Drop-In Spaces

Additional Support and Group Space Offerings

College Diabetes Network

The aim of this organization is to create a community for diabetics where they can form valued peer connections, have access to expert resources and be able to successfully manage the challenging transition to college life and beyond with diabetes.

Interested in joining? Contact Brianna at ncstate@collegediabetesnetwork.org

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