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Drop-In Spaces

What is a drop-in space?

A drop-in space is a casual, no-commitment-required way to engage in a variety of experiences that allow you to find connection and support. Drop-in spaces are offered by Prevention Services in collaboration with campus partners.

All NC State Students are welcome at drop-in spaces.

What do you mean by drop-in?

This means that the content from one week does not necessarily build on another. This allows you to try out different spaces and not worry about missing something if you have a conflict. Most drop-in spaces do not require registration but will note if they do.

Spring 2024 Drop-In Spaces

Flourish is a collaboration between Prevention Services and the Horticulture department that:

  1. Facilitates student wellness connections
  2. Developed from evidence-based research surrounding the benefits of horticulture therapy
  3. Promotes physical and mental wellness, social skills, and emotional growth
  4. Provides experiential and educational opportunities
  • Tuesday | 2-3:30 p.m. | Biweekly, begins January 9
  • DH Hill Fishbowl Forum

Crafting Resilience is a collaboration between Prevention Services and University Libraries that provides experiential opportunities to engage in self-care through crafting. This space was developed from evidence-based research surrounding the benefits of expressive arts.

  • Wednesday | 3-4 p.m. | Monthly, begins January 24
  • Hill and Hunt Libraries (alternating)

Use various mindfulness techniques to assist with reducing your overall stress levels and increasing your sense of focus and purpose.

  • Tuesday | 3:30-4:30 p.m. | Weekly, begins January 23
  • Campus Health – Room 1301

Community support space for students who have lost a loved one. Students are invited to participate in sharing their experiences in an effort to create community and connection, but sharing is certainly not required.

This space was formerly called Suicide Loss Support Space but has been expanded to include grief and loss.

  • Friday | 12-2 p.m. | Monthly, begins February 2
  • Crafts Center – Room 131

Mindful Crafts with the Pack is a collaborative space between Prevention Services and the Crafts Center. Students are encouraged to expand their knowledge of the arts through the creation of fun and unique crafts while also fostering connections on campus and learning about valuable campus mental health resources.

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