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Information for Parents

Parents and caregivers have the best chance to prevent harmful alcohol and other drug use by their young adult if they talk to them about it before going to college, especially the summer before! It may not seem like they are listening, but they are! So, please converse with them about alcohol and other drugs. At NC State, we continuously develop our program to keep your young adult safe, and we pledge to partner with you in reducing the negative consequences that can come from drinking. Even though about 77% of NC State undergraduates drink in a low-risk way or don’t drink at all, one bad night can change everything. Our goal is to support non-drinking students to continue to abstain, educate students choosing to drink to do so in a way that reduces harm, support high-risk drinkers wanting to reduce or stop drinking, and support students in recovery.

  • Incoming students under the age of 21, including transfer students, are required to complete Alcohol-Wise.