Pack Recovery

Students chat on the Brickyard.

About Pack Recovery

NC State is proud to offer a Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) serving students in recovery from substance use disorders. The CRC, also known as Pack Recovery, provides an environment where students recovering from substance use disorders can find peer support in addition to other recovery support services while sustaining recovery. NC State’s Pack Recovery believes that there are multiple pathways to recovery and encourages students to develop and maintain an active recovery and wellness plan. The goal is for students to have an authentic college experience while maintaining their recovery.

Pack Recovery is housed in Prevention Services and is available, free of charge, to NC State students in recovery from substance use disorders. This is currently the only recovery support space specifically for NC State students; however, many students also attend different types of meetings in their respective communities (see the resources page for more information).

We Promote the Success of the Whole Student

Pack Recovery is not a clinical treatment program; rather it is a recovery program based on social support and community resources. Staff can connect students to campus and community resources through referrals, assist with their transition to NC State, and help them find a community of support that will help them navigate sustained recovery in college. Pack Recovery supports all pathways to recovery and defines recovery as a lifelong commitment to pursuing optimal health and well-being.

Current Meeting Schedule