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About Us

NC State Prevention Services believes that information should be shared from an objective and factual perspective, without bias or an agenda to steer an individual in any one direction unless imminent harm would result. We exist to bring this message to the NC State community.  We are a no-cost service to all students and offer consultation to parents of students, staff, and faculty. We are flexible in format and willing to work with you, your group(s), and/or your department in some of, but not limited to, the following ways:

  • one-on-one conversations focused on resources
  • formal/informal presentations and trainings
  • formal/informal conversation facilitators
  • staff/student group meeting guests
  • Q & A resource
  • student group leadership trainings/discussions
  • event planning for risk management and problem prevention

Our Mission

NC State Prevention Services provides case management, education and outreach emphasizing inclusive, developmental, and non-judgmental perspectives for student prevention efforts. Through the lenses of behavioral health, wellness, and sustainability, our professionals cross-collaborate with the campus community to enhance individual and collective well-being, as well as assisting students to gain the necessary resources to remain successful academically and emotionally at NC State.