Required Education

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All new NC State students are required to complete alcohol, sexual assault, and hazing prevention education online courses before moving to campus to start school.

About these programs

All new students, including first-year and transfer students, are required to complete all of the modules by their designated deadline. If the modules are not completed by the deadline, a hold may be placed on your account for the next semester’s course enrollment.

  • Deadline for Students Enrolling in Fall 2019: Coming soon

Alcohol-Wise Education

Alcohol-Wise is a two-part online alcohol education program. All incoming students under the age of 21, including transfer students, are required to participate, even if they have completed it at another institution. Note that Part 2 can only be accessed 30 days after completing Part 1. Students turning 21 on/before January 1, 2019 (spring-entry), are exempt. (Fall 2019 exemption information coming soon)

Hazing Prevention

Student involvement in a variety of experiences promotes student success. When hazing is part of that experience, students can find themselves struggling with activities that compete with academics, with feelings of isolation, suffering from sleep deprivation, or subjected to abuse. This course teaches students how to recognize, prevent and report hazing. All incoming students regardless of age must complete the training to help proactively manage hazing-related risks.

Sexual Assault Prevention Education

NC State's efforts to help protect and maintain the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff include working proactively to keep our campus community informed and well-educated on issues involving Title IX, a federal law that prohibits gender-based discrimination and harassment of students and employees. All incoming undergraduate students must complete the Title IX training “Student Success™ Every Choice Bystander Intervention” and all graduate students must complete “Student Success™ Not Anymore”.

Why it’s important

We are committed to fostering a healthy and inclusive environment that is free from exploitation and intimidation. Through these courses we want to ensure that you have an understanding of the:

  • Behaviors that fall under the umbrella of sexual misconduct.
  • Risks associated with alcohol and drug use.
  • Definition and consequences of hazing.

Getting started

Note: New students will receive an e-mail once they have been enrolled in these courses. (Fall 2019 information coming soon)

Log into Reporter with your Unity ID and Password
  1. Once you have logged into Reporter, you will see the required trainings listed under “Upcoming Courses”. (Please see these instructions for more information.)
  2. For the Hazing Prevention and Alcohol-Wise trainings, click on the “Access online content” button to access Moodle. (The Moodle course will link you to the online training.)
  3. After you have completed these online trainings, go back to Moodle to finish your completion activities. Once these activities are successfully finished, your completion for the course will be automatically tracked in Reporter.
  4. For the Sexual Assault Prevention Education training, visit the following link: and complete the training. (There is no Moodle course for this training. Completions are tracked manually so you may not see your completion tracked in Reporter for up to 2 weeks.)
  5. If you need technical assistance, please contact the NC State Help Desk at 919.515.4357 or