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Students at Orientation

Required Education

Learn more about the four modules for new students at NC State, who is required to take them, and when the deadline is.

About the modules

Module completion is required for all first semester students regardless of status: undergraduate, graduate, non-degree seeking, distance education and transfer.  If you completed similar modules at another school, you will need to complete the NC State version as well.

Why it’s important

We are committed to fostering a healthy and inclusive environment that is free from exploitation and intimidation. Through these courses we want to ensure that you have an understanding of the:

  • Risks associated with alcohol and drug use
  • Definition and consequences of hazing
  • Rise of and risks associated with prescription drug abuse
  • Behaviors that fall under the umbrella of sexual misconduct

Accessing the modules

To access your required education modules: 
You will need to log in to the REPORTER system using your unity ID credentials.  Once logged in, you will find courses listed under the Upcoming Courses section of your REPORTER dashboard. To complete the online training content, you will click the “Access Online Content” button listed for each course. 

To access the Hazing Prevention Education Module in PreventZone, please follow these directions:
After selecting “Access Online Content” in REPORTER,  PreventZone will open and you will log in with the “NCSU Login” option to be taken to the training content’s front page. If you are accessing the course for the first time, you will select “Enroll Me” to complete the course. For more help accessing this course for the first time, please visit